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Exclusivité nuostore, préampli made in USA. Parfait pour la scène et le studio, grande qualité de fabrication, ce préampli peut génèrer un léger crunch  comme une distorsion puissante. 

tubes préampli: 1  12AT7, 1  12AX7

2 entrées lignes

1 entrée footswitch 

5 sorties ; tâble de mixage, haut parleur, ampli à lampe, line out, casque

switch bypass

1 volume, 2 gain + bass medium aigus


Hughes & Kettner Metal Shredder / Metal MasterThe controls, switches, jacks etc. of the Metal Shredder (U.S. name)/Metal Master(European name) are nearly identical to those of the Cream Machine and BluesMaster/Crunch Master. The instructions for using the Metal Shredder/Metal Masterare therefore the same, with the following exceptions:

· The Metal Shredder/Metal Master utilizes a two-stage tube preamplifier. The twostages can be controlled separately by means of the GAIN 1 and GAIN 2 knobs.An infinite number of sound combinations can be attained depending on therelationship between these two knobs, from clean or crunch to heavy overdrive.

· The MID control takes its place in the signal chain before the tube stages and itsmain purpose is to adapt to the characteristics of the guitar and pickups.

· For the sake of avoiding undesirable distortion in the bass or treble range, theBASS and TREBLE controls are positioned in the signal chain after the tubestages.· The Metal Shredder/Metal Master has a separate headphone jack (PHONES). Thisjack is turned ON or OFF with the back panel switch marked Phones.

· The Phones switch serves a second function as well. At the same time that itswitches the headphone jack on, it also applies CABINET SIMULATOR circuitry(like in the Hughes & Kettner Red Box) to the signal appearing at the SPEAKEROUT jack. This will give hi-fi speakers or full-range P.A. speakers connected tothis jack the sound character of a guitar loudspeaker. (Warning! If you connecthi-fi, full-range speakers to the SPEAKER OUT jack, make sure you use theCabinetulator circuitry by pressing in the red Phones switch, or else youmight blow your speakers’ high-frequency drivers out!)

· The TUBE AMP VOLUME control determines the overall output level of the MetalMaster/Metal Shredder at the SPEAKER OUT, but not does affect the Bypasssignal.

· The Metal Master/Metal Shredder has an integral 4½-watt solid-state power ampfor connecting a guitar loudspeaker cabinet or – in the manner described above

–a hi-fi speaker cabinet.Bypass functionAs with the Cream Machine and the Blues Master/Crunch Master, the BYPASS outputsignal can be used with or without the Cabinet Simulator circuitry, or switched offcompletely. In contrast to the Cream Machine and Blues Master/Crunch Master, theinternal switches, which set how Bypass works, are as follows: (cf photo 2 de la fiche produit). 

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